On feeling far away


I have been reading Alice and Wonderland lately and it is a really good book for anyone that is living alone in a foreign country. Alice is the most incompetent, flailing person to ever try and navigate a place that is different and strange, yet every time she finds herself in a bind, things seem to resolve themselves on their own. This has definitely been the case with the hiccups I’ve encountered relocating to Taipei. I’ve learned to adopt a wait and see kind of mentality. It has helped with the bizarre winter they have here. I regularly see people wearing parkas and flip-flops at the same time and it has rained so heavily and so steadily these past few months that I’ve wondered how the island is still afloat. I’m originally from Ottawa, Canada, which is often the coldest capital city in the world. To try and make me feel at home there were a couple of days when Taipei fell to 6°C. The air smelled like Canada and the news reported that several people died from the cold. I was perplexed to say the least. I find Alice’s adventures are good for reminding me of how curious things like this can be at times when I wish I hadn’t climbed down the rabbit hole.

As of now the clouds are finally giving way to some sunny days in Taipei and the city gains from it, a new energy. I came to Taiwan 6 months ago. I had never been here before and I didn’t know anybody. I just booked a flight and figured out a life once I arrived. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been here longer than I have, but as the White Rabbit explains to Alice, forever is “sometimes just one second”.


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