4 Saisons au Marchรฉ By

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April 26th 2014 was my first day of training for the job that has acted as a backdrop to my life for almost a year. The Byward Market has served me well since then. A summer of varied market schlepping for the Byward BIA and City Market’s Management has contributed partly into molding me into what I now present as my current self. My tolerance for summer heat and glaring sun has improved significantly, my French immersion French, turned French exchange French has now evolved into Franco-Ontarian working French. My clerical skills have also begun to bud after a rocky start with Microsoft Excel. I have glimpsed into the lives of Ottawa’s homeless, bandaged broken arms, called 911 more times than I could have imagined, and I made some of the most unusual friendships and acquaintances being a part of this community.

I now sit as an Administrative City Clerk at an information desk during the sleepy market off season. The demanding vendors of the summer are hibernating from the snow and I, armed with long-johns, brace against the blasts of cold air that come every time the door next to my kiosk opens. Kiki, my work wife, who once kept me company, packed herself up and shipped off to Toronto. Now I am the only employee among the remaining dregs of summer student staff who can work the info desk during the week. Coffee in hand, I am happy to wait out nicer weather because I am by no means overworked and the company of my office colleagues, the shop owners, and the “regulars” is almost entirely to my liking.

For now the routines of everyone in the market punctuates my day and, being fresh from the omnipresent demands of university, a simple season of doing one thing at a time will be rejuvenating,ย or at least it will be different. It will also be an exercise in creativity because for the times when civil servantry demands little, one is only as bored as long as their imagination fails them.

An excellent time to begin a blog non?